Meet the Family

Kate Holden
owner, ryt-200

Hi yogis! my name is kate and I am a south jersey native, a wife, and a mother to 3 beautiful pups. my yoga journey started 10 years ago while still in school, but I really dove into my practice after a life altering event causing a major injury.After much trial and error with treatments, i walked back into a yoga studio and fell in love with every part of how yoga made me feel. 


my experiences led me to getting my 200 hour certification and my passion for yoga and teaching truly flourished from there. all of these beautiful events lead to the creation of soulflower yoga. my intension is to encourage everyone to take advantage of the amazing benefits yoga provides for the mind, body and spirit. I cannot wait to meet you all and see how the soulflower yoga community really grows!

Tina Braun

Tina found her passion for yoga when she first had her daughter 21 years ago with the drive to become the best mother possible, both mentally and physically.  with all of the trials and tribulations of life she has been able to find peace in her practice.


now that her children are grown and with all of the happiness that yoga had brought her, she decided to get her 200 hour certification. her goal, now, is to share her love and strength that comes from yoga and all that it has to offer to all ages and abilities on

Monday nights at 7:15 pm.

Maya Augelli

Maya began practicing yoga in 2008. As health and fitness professional, she was active and had a regular exercise regimen, but felt that a piece of her total wellness puzzle was missing. She took her first yoga class and was hooked. She loves the way in which the body, breath, and mind intertwine in her yoga practice, and how yoga helps her to connect with others and herself in a way that carries out into her day-to-day life off the mat. After ten years of practicing regularly and feeling the increasing benefits to body and mind, she decided to take the next step in her yoga journey and became a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. 


Maya is also a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and barre instructor. She loves the opportunity to help and connect with others through health and wellness and looks forward to bringing Barre to Soulflower Yoga on Thursday evenings!

RYT-200, Certified Barre Instructor
Brigid Austin
RYT-200, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

Brigid began studying yoga in 2001 while in college. What started as an interesting hobby became a life changing path for her. She went on to study to be a yoga teacher where she was introduced to Ayurvedic medicine, eventually leading her to become a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. Brigid works to use her knowledge of both yoga and Ayurveda to help self and others find their way to health and healing. 

Melissa bandock
RYT-200, Certified Trauma Yoga Instructor

When a friend asked Melissa to go on a yoga retreat to Cost Rica in 2011, she had never practiced before but was intrigued with the journey and decided to go. What a life changer!!! Practicing in the rainforest next to toucan’s, hummingbirds, and hearing hollering monkeys was a life changing experience. In 2013, Melissa expanded on that journey and became a RYT-200 yoga instructor through the Yogawood teacher training program & under the guidance of Beth Filla E-RYT. In 2018, Melissa expanded her training and is now certified in Trauma yoga.


Melissa loves to be outside whether she's biking, swimming, walking or gardening. Keeping the mind and body healthy and active is something Melissa feels is important for her students. Expect an energetic, fun, flowing vinyasa class while focusing on breathwork on wednesdays at 6:00 pm.

Danielle Burnham
 RYT-200, Certified Trauma Yoga Instructor, MA, ATR-BC,

Danielle experienced her first yoga practice via a prenatal DVD in 2001. She knew it would help her maintain her flexibility & balance as her body was transformed through pregnancy. Yoga did that & so much more. She experienced an openness & ease in both her body & mind, as well as a deeper connection to the people & the world around her. Over the years, Danielle would explore & practice different styles of yoga, igniting her passion to share this practice with others. In 2013, Danielle completed her 200 hour YTT from Yogawood's program, led by owner/teacher Beth Filla & has been happily teaching ever since. In 2016, Danielle became a certified trauma informed yoga teacher through the Transformation Yoga Project. This certification allows her to be able to offer the practice of yoga in the mental health & addiction settings in which she works as an art therapist. She actively integrates the practices of art therapy, mindfulness, yoga & meditation to enhance the physical, mental & emotional well being of her clients.

Danielle's yoga practice compliments her active life as a working mom & lifelong athlete, providing her a vehicle to both challenge & quiet herself physically & mentally. come relax and rewind with Danielle for our candlelight vin yin class every wednesday evening at 7:15 pm.

Aly Gaul

Aly discovered yoga a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the practice! She became an RYT-200 in 2019 through the Yogawood teacher training program. She’s currently working on her certification to teach Yoga for Parkinson’s. While she loves all aspects of the practice, she enjoys focusing on helping everyone feel comfortable and happy in their bodies during a yoga class - yoga should be for everybody and be fun too! 


As a full time music educator and professional singer, Aly enjoys creating playlists that help connect to the flow and pace of her classes. Linking breath, music and movement is something she’s been doing for almost her entire life, and she enjoys exploring and sharing the connections between yoga and music.


As a musician, she’s performed in places such as Carnegie Hall and She even has a Grammy with her choir! In her free time, Aly is a dog mom to 2 very good puppies, photographer, game developer, and massive Star Wars fan. Join her every Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. and Thursday at 6 p.m. starting December 4 for energetic movement, some laughs, cool tunes and a Star Wars reference or two.

Rebecca Kowalewicz

 Rebecca is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and is currently working towards her 500-hour certification which will be completed in December 2019 and Reiki Level 1 certification. She understands that yoga can be intimidating to many people which is why her belief is that if people feel comfortable and have fun, that new Yogis will emerge from studios wherever they are located.

When she is not practicing yoga, she is the vice president of digital marketing for Clearbridge Branding Agency, a contributing writer for Forbes Magazine, and a volunteer Social Media Director for NJ Aid for Animals. She is the proud dog mom, an avid reader, and loves traveling and visiting new places with her husband. Come catch her on saturday mornings at both 8:30 and 10:30 am!

Deb Cline
RYT-200, Reiki certification I & II

Deb first fell in love with yoga at Penn State University when she had to fulfill her PE credits. After not having a regular practice for a couple years, she came back to yoga in 2012 after her children went to school full time.  She embraced the benefits yoga provided for her own sanity, as well as the physical strength she gained.  Wanting to learn more, she enrolled in Ananda Yoga and Wellness’s teacher training program and completed her 200-hour certification. 


Meditation and yoga have helped not only Deb, but her family as well. She has brought what she has learned into her own home to help with her children’s anxiety and ADHD.  She also teaches an after school yoga club at the local elementary school.  Deb believes there is always room to grow as a student and a teacher.  She hopes to continue to share her love for yoga with her students and help them along their own journey on monday mornings at 9:00 am.

Bijou julia
RYT-200, Reiki II Certified

Bijou Julia was introduced to yoga in middle school and has carried her practice with her through the ebb and flow of life! Allergies to chemicals have been a struggle for Bijou, guiding her to learn the healing crafts of herbalism and aromatherapy. She is passionate about living a chemical free lifestyle! The purification and relaxation benefits of yoga have helped Bijou stay happy and healthy. 


Bijou chose to deepen her practice and to heal and grow spiritually through her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Blissful Yoga. This experience aligned with her growth as a Reiki healer. Now Bijou brings energy and earth medicine into her yoga classes! She works full time as a French teacher and spends her time off making art, loving the Earth and hoopdancing. experience Bijou's spirit and energy tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm.

Tiffanie Bowman

As a lover of movement, Tiffanie was initially led to explore yoga over a decade ago, solely for the physical benefits.  As she committed to a disciplined home practice, she came to appreciate the transformative effects her practice had primarily on her mental and emotional wellbeing.  As both her interest and her practice deepened, she felt the call to educate and inform her practice further; in October of 2017, she enrolled in Yogawood’s 200 hour teacher training to explore both the practice and philosophy of yoga beyond what she alone could teach herself.


As a proponent of mindful living and conscious connection, she hopes that through her teaching she will help to awaken in her students a sense of purpose, mindfulness and conscious participation in the world. Her next goal in continuing her yogic education is to obtain her certification for teaching children’s yoga, as she believes that one is never too young to begin the journey of true self-discovery and mindful living. Join her Monday nights at 6:00 pm!

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