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Being Disconnected is a Modern Day Luxury

This past weekend I spent the weekend up in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania with my husband, good friends and the pups. A place where there's no cell phone service, no wi-fi, and modern conveniences are slim to none. For the first time, though, I felt so lucky to be lacking. Our modern lives are engulfed with text messages, phone calls, addiction to social media and everything we need or could ever want is at our finger tips. Although this can be super beneficial we tend to miss out on all of the little things in life that are taken for granted.

If you ask anyone how they would feel about being without modern luxuries for a whole weekend most would panic. What the hell are you supposed to do without a cell phone? How are you supposed to keep up with what your friends are doing while you are way? What if you miss out on a phone call/text message/email? Quite frankly I think it is so sad how reliant we are on technology and all that it has to offer. For the first time I turned my brain off. I just sat and stared out the window looking at the vast acreage in front of me noticing the colors of the trees, the wildlife passing by, the pitter patter of the rain on the roof. Everything seemed so simple and beautiful- beautifully simple. Not only did I get to be fully present but I ACTUALLY GOT THINGS DONE PEOPLE! Without distractions! I wasn't constantly distracted by the notifications popping up on my phone or just nonchalantly scrolling through my news feed to help me procrastinate.

Technology has massive benefits to businesses, advances in medicine, keeping in touch with distant family, etc. but it also brings so much stress and anxiety to people. Comparing themselves to the picture perfect photos they see of people's lives on social media, the bullying and negativity flooding your newsfeed. Being disconnected is such a luxury that some people will never get to or choose to experience anymore.

Disconnecting should be a daily or at least monthly part of everyone's self care routine. Try just fully disconnecting to read a book, practice your yoga sequence without taking a break for social media or posting on social media, just sit and drink your morning coffee with no technological distractions, actually have a face-to-face conversation with someone. Witness all of the differences that come into your life that come with being disconnected, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

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