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Why Self Care is More than Taking a Bubble Bath

Self care is so much more than just taking a nice relaxing bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine once in a while (although it surely can be part of it!). Self care is majorly important for the mind, the body and the soul and just like any sport it needs to be practiced regularly to truly feel its effects.

1. The Mind: your mind is going, going, going all day long! Much like your phone, your mind needs time to recharge from your busy day. You can't expect to do your best if you don't give your mind that time to relax. Read a book, sit and drink a cup of tea while doing nothing else but noticing how the tea smells, how it tastes and being fully present or take time to meditate and really focus on what your heart needs and not what the mind is telling you that you need. Take a few steps away from that conscious mind powering you to keep going and striving to always do more and just breathe.

2. The Body: Again, your body is going Moving from one place to another, maybe you even have a job that requires you to be on your feet or have a manual labor career. If you are sitting at a desk possibly doing a little bit of yoga or going for a run is just what the body needs or that bath with some Epsom Salts will serve your body well and help you feel refreshed for tomorrow! Don't forget that nutrition is a hugeee part of self care. In order for your physical body to feel on point and energized you have to eat right! Making small changes in your diet may make massive changes in your day-to-day life.

3. The Soul: We live in a world where everything is just so darn serious all the time. We put on a front because we possibly work that corporate job and need to be what our employers expect or maybe we're always looking into the future or the past but never taking the time to be in the present or focus within. But do you take the time to find the true you? Do you take the time out of your hectic days to feed your soul and just focus on the now? Try by starting or ending your day by writing a list of all of the things your grateful for or just journaling, or, again, trying to meditate a bit and concentrate on the breath. If you take the time to nurture your soul, your physical body and conscious mind will flourish as well!

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